Twin-screw extrusion

Work package (WP2): Twin-screw extrusion

Organising one training course on twin-screw extrusion and the influence of technological conditions of the process on the properties of the processed high performance engineering composites.
Organising workshops, during which the following issues will be demonstrated:
- the influence of the changes in the rotational speed of the screws and the temperature of the individual zones of the plasticizing system on the properties of the obtained polymer composites;
- methods of optimising the technology of twin-screw extrusion depending on the qualitative and quantitative preparation of the blend of different matrices from thermoplastic and various fillers; the effect of the technological parameters of the extrusion process on the dynamic and thermogravimetric properties of advanced composites.
Organising seminar. During the seminar will be discussed new design of plasticizing system.

Description of work:
1. Training on the technology and design of a twin-screw polymer composite extruder.
2. Preparation of composite blends of various composition to study the process of extrusion. Preparation of composite blends on the basis of thermoplastics from the polyolefin group: polyethylene and polypropylene with various fillers and nanofillers, such as talc, chalk, glass microgranules, short-cut glass fibres, montmorillonite, and others. The blends with various chemical composition will be prepared at the University of Lviv.
3. Conducting laboratory research on the technological capacity of a twin-screw extruder aimed at determining the influence of introducing changes in technological parameters on the effectiveness of the plasticizing process and extrudate properties.
4. Conducting research on changes in the quantity and type of filler in a composite with a thermoplastic matrix. Assessment of the influence of technological conditions and composite and nanocomposite composition on twin-screw extrusion processing. Preparation of samples from the obtained extrudates for further activities related to Work Package 4.
5. Organisation of a seminar, at which new structural and technological solutions in single-screw and twin-screw extrusion will be presented. During the seminar, the results obtained in research related to WP1 and WP2 will be presented and discussed.