Injection moulding

Work package (WP3): Injection moulding

The main objective is to verify the influence of filler quantity in thermoplastic composites on the change of mechanical properties during injection moulding. Preparing and conducting a training course and seminar on the subject. The training course will be focused on:
- Monitoring the influence of preparatory operations (drying and mixing of granules) on the homogeneity and stability of mechanical properties of advanced composites.
- Monitoring the influence of changes in filler quantity on mechanical properties of advanced composites,
- Monitoring the influence of technological parameters and design of injection moulds during injection moulding on the mechanical properties of moulded parts made of thermoplastic composites.
The research results will be presented at seminar at the TUKE.

Description of work:
1. Training on the impact of advanced materials composition, injection moulding technological parameters and injection mould design on the properties of moulded products containing composites.
2. Conducting experimental injection moulding of composite blends using various injection mould designs and variable technological process conditions.
3. Preparing samples obtained during the experimental injection moulding.
4. Determining the mechanical properties of moulded products obtained during the experiments.