Impacts and Deliverables

The implementation of the project under the International Research Staff Exchange Scheme will initiate an exchange of research staff, transfer of knowledge and technologies between EU universities and the third country universitie (Ukraine) with regard to the structural and technological aspects of screw processing of thermoplastic composites. The project will contribute to increased mobility between scientific institutions. It will initiate a high-quality research infrastructure network accessible to researchers working in Europe and worldwide. This, in turn, will lead to the establishment of a centre of excellence for thermoplastic composites processing, which will certainly enable an efficient transfer of knowledge not only between scientific and research institutions, but also between the public scientific research sector and industry and society. The project will also improve the quality of teaching. The partner universities forming the project consortium intend to implement further schemes as well as research and implementation work in the future, also with the support from industry, taking into account jointly agreed priorities. Thanks to the project the partner universities will become more open to cooperation with other research institutions in the European Union and worldwide. The existing synergies and complementarities of the partner universities will be strengthened.

The project deliverables will be the following:

  • staff exchange,
  • knowledge transfer,
  • training of early stage researchers,
  • enhancing the existing knowledge and understanding of new areas in the field of thermoplastic polymer composites processing by staff members participating in the exchange,
  • new structural and technological solutions that may be used by other consortia and research projects,
  • improving the standard of education as well as teaching and scientific potential of the staff,
  • closer cooperation between European Union universities,
  • establishing cooperation with the Lviv Polytechnic National University in Ukraine,
  • publications, dissemination of research findings,
  • ideas for new research projects,
  • promotion of knowledge in society,
  • development of new and expansion of the existing offers for industry.

The deliverables and tasks related to the implementation of the Co-ExIn project will assist the improvement and propagation of knowledge in industry and society.